To all of those who walked before me and those to follow….  The lessons you have given and continue to give..

I have learned thus far there are only two types of people in this world;

Those who I want to be like

and those who I don’t…

Thank you GOD for sending the lessons my way.

This is a Workbook to be used over and over again!

For the more serious entrepreneur, I recommend to purchase the soft cover manual. For your convenience you can also purchase the ebook version and print it out your self. 

I know this book will be an amazing resource for your continued development. 

Happy Success,

Chris Marcelle, MBA

“There are several reasons why most people don’t pursue their dreams.

• Change – People fear the unknown. As Les Brown said, “for a lot of people, a known hell is better than an unknown paradise”. People don’t like to step out of their comfort zone. They complain about the routine but don’t want to change the routine. The idea of starting something new, something different, scares them.

• Confidence – It takes self-confidence to decide to pursue a dream. People either think they are not capable of pursuing their dream or think they don’t deserve to live their dream. Most people don’t believe in themselves enough to trust that they can do whatever it is they really put their mind into.

• Society – Believe it or not, society has a huge impact on how we live our lives. Society determines the major we should study in university, the career we should pick, the kind of neighborhood and house we should live in, even the type of car we should drive. It takes a lot to ignore the path to success society has defined for us and follow our own path instead.

• Family and friends – Similar to society, family and friends also interfere with our lives. Some people don’t follow their dream simply because they worry about family and friends’ reaction. People also rely on the support of family and friends and often get discouraged when that support is not there.

• Fear of failure – Fear of failure is a big one! Even though a lot of successful entrepreneurs failed many times before they actually hit the jackpot, some people don’t want to get started just because they are afraid to fail.” (Sidikou 2013)

This book is designed to be a workbook/ journal and hands on interaction. You will want to write in this book and reflect to it many times in the future. This will become "your manuscript for building your "transformational tribe" one member at a time...

This website is designed to wet your appetite for the book, a part of each of the chapters is attached.

The book is a workbook, not a novel and designed to open your mind, thoughts and take you into ACTION!

You may purchase my book or any chapter.. This is a Workbook to be used over and over again! Happy Success

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