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Are you willing to Create the Business of your Dreams and Move Forward? My personal vision is to help you become all that you were meant to be in the shortest amount of time that it will take. My years of experience, skills, challenges and mistakes (yes.. learn from my mistakes!) have compelled me to write this book, share this book and live this book. I have and continue to attend (1,000) of events, networking, seminars, etc.

I see that most people are quick to attend an event and few follow through and move out of their comfort zone. If you truly desire to be successful than reach out to a qualified coach who will guarantee you the success you desire.

If you are serious about wanted to improve yourself and break-thru your barriers then I know this book, the resources and exercises will help. BUT reading and doing are two different things. My life/career changed the moment I realized I needed outside help, whether personal or business, I have always been open to it. Please do your due diligence, before you invest in a coach. 

Ask for References and Referrals Do your research. Remember along your path if your are not making mistakes, you are not challenging yourself enough. Hopefully you don’t have to relive my mistakes. I hope this book becomes a helpful resource. Please visit my website often as things change. I welcome the opportunity to meet and grow with you.

Let me help open your path to Success


Chris Marcelle, Broker, CF, NLP practicioner, cHT, MBA

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