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About the Author:

Chris Marcelle, MBA has been an entrepreneur since her first lemonade stand at 5 years old. Neighbors can remember her sitting on the corner, yelling, “Lemonade”. She has always been able to “think outside the box”. She spent her summers as a child putting on shows and carnivals in her back yard, that included commercials, entertainment and charged for admission.

A natural helper; as it was written in her (1972) High School yearbook, “To someone who helped me get my head straight. I really think you are a great kid, really, I love you, Fred” (Fred Barone)

Her path of helping included helping her own self comes to grips with traumas and tragedies over the course of her lifetime, and to come out the other side as “whole”. She is a believer, educator, mentor, coach, and has the uncanny ability to always see and bring out the good in others.

Her life’s journey has turned into her passion to help others to become all they can be. As life continues to go on, she hopes that she can help others can achieve their dreams, goals and desires in the shortest amount of time possible.

She has owned many businesses; from brick and mortar to home-based; Telecommunications, Alternative Health, Real Estate Co, Retail Consignment shop, Presently she is the owner of Events A2Z, Spacecoast Dance, Broad Realty, and Business Network Global, LLC. As a Business Broker she has negotiated many individuals in both the sale and purchase of diverse businesses.

Her many interests (passions) include; Her Family, Health, Personal Growth, Psychology, Real Estate, Business, Travel, Beaches, Photography, Electronics, Music, Cultures and is an avid Ballroom Dancer and dance instructor. She loves all walks of life; from the homeless to the millionaire. (In fact she has been asked, “What don’t you do?” and answers, “Electric”)

Twelve years ago, She achieved her ultimate goal; finding her soul-mate, with his full support she is able to pursue her Dream (Passion) of Helping Others to become all they can be.

Education includes yet not limited to; BS in Psychology, MBA in Business, Real Estate Broker, Insurance Agent, Commercial Marketing and Finance. Certifications in Addictions, NLP & Hypnotherapy and Passion Test.

Business Network Global, LLC partners with clients through thought provoking methods and creative processes that inspire to achieve maximum personal and professional potential. BNG works with Entrepreneurs to achieve their total well-being and provide for the future. BNG provides a one-stop Service where you can discover and build the business of your dreams, develop and implement a plan to grow your business and protect your assets, family and business to ensure a Successful Future.

Other services include;
Start-Up and existing Business’
Mid-life career change
Business and Marketing plans
Break-thru goal setting
Income protection
Motivational Seminars
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