I have decided to offer my book on line for FREE if you find the need to copy it go right ahead, although I would appreciate it if you didn't.

I have put together information that I have collected and used over the years and find it necessary to share it with everyone.

I am available to do workshops on any chapter (s) and welcome interaction with everyone. I am available by cell phone and email and look forward to talking and hopefully working with you.

A few suggestions while using this site;

Get a Journal and write in it. (or it would be easier to purchase the ebook and print it out, it is more complete then this site. If you are really serious about moving ahead then I strongly suggest to purchase the softcover workbook.

This book is designed to be workbook/ journal and hands on interaction. You will want to write in this book and you reflect to it many times in the future. This will become "your manuscript for building your "transformational tribe" one member at a time...

This website is designed to wet your appetite for the book, a part of each of the chapters is attached.

Number 1 Biz Book

Kindle Version

The book is a workbook, not a novel and designed to open your mind, thoughts and take you into ACTION!